2013.12.7  OB's Year end party

2013.10.25 Kashiwa campus open to the public

Many people visited in the typhoon. Thank you very much.

2013. 8. 17 Spin echo experience at American SNS

                  (Oak Ridge, Tennessee State)

Mr. Hiroi and Professor Shibayama conducted spin echo experiments on Tetra - PEG gels. We analyzed immediately and was published in Macromolecules early in 2014.

2013. 4. 6  Flower view@Kashiwanoha

We ate lunch under the cherry blossoms.

2013. 3.29 Professor Tata Lecture

Professor Tata (Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, India) A lecture was held.

2013. 3. 21 the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Graduate School Award

Hanako Asai received the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Graduate School Award.

2013. 3. 18 farewell party

Atsushi Izumi,  Hanako Asai, Makoto Asai researcher farewell party.

2013. 3. 15 The 1st Material Sciences Science Festa Student Encouragement Award

Kusano Takumi received the Student Encouragement Prize at the 1st Science Festa (Tsukuba International Conference Hall).

2013. 2. 19  Lesson / Experiment @ Kasuga Elementary School

Experimental situation

State of class

Students listen intently to the lesson.

Group Photo

2013. 1. 30 SANS-U Technical training course

We have checked the operation of SANS-U at Tokai.

Lunch at Uoyasu

Operation check while watching

the SANS-U control screen

Group photo in front of SANS-U

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